In this today world everybody is familiar to the technology. Even the kids are stuck all the times with the Mobiles & TV , watching videos , listening music. Due to the influence in the technology, many people want to know more about the technology. But to know the technology in one hand it is more difficult to think. So, to discuss on this topic we have few question answer :-

Why technology?

Technology has replaced the traditional way of doing things. It has saved people’s time and money. Nowadays, all the people can have a technology in their own hand. It is very much helpful by the use of the technology. Now technology are developing so much that, people can’t live without technology.

Why Coding or Programming?

Steve Jobs once said, “Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer… because it teaches you how to think.”
Forget the country, follow the rest. If you really love technology i.e you are going to dedicated your life into it then you must know whether it is very hard or not, what are its pros and cons. If you think it may be easy then you may be proven wrong. The coding can help in following aspect :-

  • Coding develops structured and creative thinking
  • Programming makes things easier for you
  • Learning to program teaches you persistence

The field in technology will be updated day by day. Therefore you will be updated day by day. In other field, ( such as Engineer, Doctor ) their task will be made easy after the more practice. But in case of technical field, the trend will be change. So, the degree doesn’t matter.

Why this Post?

Anyone can learn to code, but coding isn’t for everyone. By this post I want the people to be creative. Everyone has their own creativity. If you are good at something then go on that. Don’t Come under influence to other. You got no choices then you should make a choice, but after making the choice you should be good on that and never underestimate yourself. You can change the choices too if it’s too hard for you. Loving technology  doesn’t mean you should start coding but if you are onto a technology then you must know coding. But there is a exception too, if you don’t know coding it’s right, there are other things to do into the technical field.


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