Pubg banned. Pubg banned. Pubg banned. Pubg banned. Pubg banned.

Wow pubg is now banned in Nepal…. But we are Nepali. If government can do anything then why can’t we play pubg. The pubg is officially banned in Nepal is to say only because we got not suspect in Nirmala Hatyakanda then it is impossible to banned pubg. They are not comming in our house and check that whether you are playing pubg or not. Is it true?

Why people play pubg?

  • A perfect game.
  • Realistic than freefire ( don’t get offended )
  • For time pass
  • Come out of stress, depression
  • Connecting with friends
  • To Enjoy

Is it right to play pubg?

  • Yes, if you are on your own.
  • If you are not killing dedicated time.
  • If you are not wasting money.

Is it wrong to play pubg?

  • Yes, if your parents don’t let to play.
  • If you yell the sounds while sleeping.
  • If you are psychologically disturbed.

Why this post?

This is the trending discussion in Nepal. Everybody is posting about pubg banned in Nepal. This is my new website. So I have nothing to post on the topic. Due to the new headline, I have only places my opinion in above points. So, I don’t know whether I am actually right or wrong. I usually play pubg to hangout. The game is made for enjoy, not to be addicted. I used to play lot at one time, but I realize and discontinue for a while. The sad part of the news is that I recently got kar98 skin in pubg, but it came to know that pubg is banned. We all know that pubg is addicted but being a student we do realize too. We know that smoking is injurious to health, it causes cancer, due to this fact the smoking and drinking alcohol must be also banned. The one incident can’t be relate to generalize the whole situation.

If the copying of the Indian rules is going on then this type of cases is not important to us. The banned of Pubg can’t develop a country.

“के pubg साचिकै banned भाको हो ? होइन banned गरेको मात्र हो.” T/F ?


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